WITS Preparation Part One: Getting My Writing Conference On


I’ll be heading for the Women in Travel Summit tomorrow and I could not be more excited. I’ll get to network with the best in the travel blogging business, learn from industry greats, and spend some time seeing the sites of Milwaukee.

Business travel hardly leaves time for doing those touristy things that are travel write worthy. But a trip is still a trip even if it’s for business, and I plan to check out what I can in Milwaukee while still adhering to the jam-packed WITS schedule. And it’s packed.

I’ve got my business cards. My first official business cards I might add. The car is gassed up and ready and I’ve already made some connections using the WITS resources available.



If you’re a beginner, novice, or hobbyist, a conference might seem out of the realm of possibility. What with travel expenses, the conference itself, and lodgings. But if you can find a way to make it work, it could be one of the most beneficial boosts to your career.

I just happened to hear of this conference when talking to someone I was interviewing for a travel article I was writing and lucky for me it was taking place in my home state. Talk about the stars aligning.

Stay tuned for updates on the conference, a few posts about Milwaukee, I have to hit up at least one of those cool coffee shops, and what my takeaway is.

Are you going to WITS? I’ll see you there!




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